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About Technology

Sophisticated technology makes things simple.

As a TelNet Worldwide company, Superior Contact employs all the latest technology, supported by a dedicated technical team.

Our world class back office system allows for high level customized scripting and custom reporting. It also enables us to operate securely and directly with our clients’ customer management systems, for seamless, fluid communications. Our agents can work from virtually anywhere and can easily gear up to handle any planned or unanticipated spike in activity. Your customers will never know we are your outside source.

Our system has the capacity to handle peak calling times and loads with backup stations for overflow. Should an outage or network problem occur, we are set to respond immediately. All connections use a security discipline that includes complete firewall and daily virus scanning.

Technology for our customers’ sake.

Superior's state-of-the-art systems, deliver the most robust and reliable services, technology, and support, including:

  • Live, interactive and automated messaging (voice and text)
  • Automatic call distribution (ACD)
  • Power, auto and predictive dialing capabilities
  • Customized scripting and voice processing technologies
  • Advanced digital switching technology
  • Overflow routing to partner call centers
  • Complete recording and archiving capabilities
  • Flexible, customizable reporting

On the network and service side, TelNet Worldwide keeps us well connected, with:

  • Dedicated T1 and IP-based technologies, delivering high capacity for call and data transfer
  • Fully redundant service on our own network
  • Fast priority handling of new service, changes and outages
  • “Five nines” reliability
  • 24/7 monitoring and response

TelNet Worldwide helps business communicate

Achieve targeted goals and greater success with every customer contact.