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Energy utilities and marketers gain strategic advantages with Superior Contact.

Since 1999, we have grown as the contact management partner to one of America’s top performing suppliers of gas and electricity, increasing sales and providing highly customized solutions supporting all of its marketing initiatives.

We’ve built a seasoned team of professionals who know the industry, and systems that support the fast-pace and complexity of your business. We also know your customers, the questions they ask and the services they require. The result is one reliable partner that can meet your needs and implement successful, custom programs fast and effectively.

Highly customized and ultra-responsive.

We understand the challenges of marketing or distributing gas and electricity services profitably; and when a new market opens or a change in gas or electric pricing occurs, we’re quick to respond. Because your success is on the line.

With advanced call handling tools, a dedicated team at your disposal, and none of the big company when-we-get-around-to-it attitudes to hurdle, your highly customized program can be implemented faster than you ever imagined.

Superior Contact associates are well-trained to:

  • Explain energy aggregation and standard offer programs
  • Explain choice programs
  • Review commodity, transmission and distribution billing items
  • Make decisions regarding customer requests or complaints
  • Turn customer responses into sales for your advertising, direct mail, catalogs, or email campaigns
  • Offer program recommendations
  • Carefully handle after-hours and emergency dispatch services
  • Solve problems
  • Use client online manuals and databases
  • Track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with accurate daily reporting
  • Handle opt-ins, opt-outs and re-enrollments

Experience counts.

Our familiarity with your industry and markets ensures that your professional and innovative image is part of every customer touch.

So whenever you’re marketing a new program, changing programs or looking to verify responses for compliance, we’re your strategic specialists for inbound and outbound call support, as well as Third Party Verification.