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Automated Solutions

Automated Solutions

Stand alone or integrated with your live agent care, these solutions boost productivity and effectiveness.

When Preferred, Self-Directed Care

With interactive voice response (IVR) and integration with your CRM, users can complete a series of custom transactions on their own, any time of day or night.  A transfer option to an agent ensures a customer never gets stuck, and our careful attention to capturing the intricacies of your enhanced routing and guided scripting needs means a seamless – and In Your Voice – experience.

Enhanced IVR

A fully automated and integrated IVR allows customers to pay invoices, complete surveys, check and place orders, make reservations and appointments, look up information, and receive answers to FAQ’s, all without engaging an agent.

Information Line

When it makes more sense for users to have on-demand access to information when they are ready for it, consider an Information Line. IVR can be utilized to provide callers with a menu of pre-recorded information, so communication is never an issue.

Broadcast Outbound Messaging

Get the word out fast with Superior’s Call Blast service that combines targeted messaging and efficiency for instant interactions with a personal touch. Connect with thousands through enhanced IVR technology that will measure, trigger, or route responses precisely where you need them, when you need them. Broadcast Email and SMS options round out your comprehensive outbound communications campaign. Great for critical news, alerts, promotions, calls to action – the possibilities are endless.

Automated Attendant

IVR can also be used as a “traffic cop” to validate and route incoming calls to an appropriate queue, or within your organization.

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