Quality Assurance for Contact Centers

Quality Assurance for Contact Centers

Improve Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Superior Contact’s Quality Assurance Programs bring objectivity, scalability and improved customer satisfaction to your contact center or customer service department.  We can create and run your quality monitoring program, or augment your QA team.  We collaborate with you to drive continual improvement.

Customizable QA Aligns with Your Specific Goals 

Our team will work with you on the right criteria and sample size so that scored customer interactions accurately represent the overall quality.  We can customize scorecards for your business.  Measure process adherence, soft skills, and other requirements. The data evaluated may come from call recordings, screen recordings, customer surveys and other data points. This scorecard design includes impacts to the customer experience and internal goals.

QA Coaching and Live Monitoring

Our QA team can coach agents in one-on-one sessions to provide feedback and instructions. We also support Live Monitoring agents with feedback that can be utilized immediately.

QA Analytics and Calibration

Data-driven insights lead to actionable plans for improvements on an agent, campaign, and program level.  We hold calibration calls with you to review sample calls to compare vs your internal scoring standards, review key performance indicators and agree to actional items.

AI QA capabilities – Smarter QA

We bring AI capabilities that can score different metrics for all interactions. For example

  • Categorization based on spoken key words
  • Silence time of a call
  • Soft Skills for customer service and sales (e.g. empathy, activity listening)
  • Was the caller’s inquiry resolved?
  • Transcript and Call summaries
  • Call Reasons and Actions taken

Access Our Experience and Expertise in QA Program Design 

Whether you need to build a QA program or improve your existing one, Superior Contact brings 25+ years of the expertise you need to achieve meaningful improvements in overall customer satisfaction.  Let us help you measure what matters and achieve continuous improvements.

Wondering if we can support your application? Run it by us. We’re creative, resourceful, and up to the challenge!