Our People Make the Difference

Our People

Our People

Our Agents, Your Front Line

Our agents truly are your brand promoters, help desk gurus, troubleshooting experts, receptionist virtuosos, customer care champions, dispatching whizzes, stellar sales reps, business retention aces, diligent researchers, social media butterflies, and back office rock stars.

Based in the midwest near world-class universities, Superior takes advantage of a diverse and deep labor pool of bright and capable talent, ensuring we have the right team eager to help your business grow.  We’ve been fortunate to have lower than industry average attrition, creating the opportunity for agents to continually deepen their expertise and raise the bar.

Our Agents Are:

  • Proven performers who are completely 100% onshore and accent neutral, reducing client frustration and confusion, and boosting CX satisfaction.
  • Treated well, in full time positions with a range of benefits, including health, life, disability insurance, paid time off, retirement savings, educational reimbursement, and more.
  • Incented on program specific accuracy, adherence and sales performance. Detailed and continual quality monitoring means we consistently deliver customer care excellence.
  • Trained to your specifications. Our agents undergo a comprehensive, customized training and testing program designed around your materials and programs, with emphasis on embodying your brand.

Qualified Management

With an average tenure of six years, our multi-disciplined management team is experienced and well qualified in successfully managing your programs and our people, upholding the standards that have led to our customers being lauded for their award winning care.  They foster a contact center environment geared to keeping our agents happy, motivated, and performing.