Drive Sales with Superior Contact


Turning Prospects into Sales

Let’s face it: the intention of every interaction is to directly or indirectly build and retain customers and revenue. Whether our agents are assisting a customer who is ready to buy or resolving a customer issue, we know the goal is to foster a brand experience that resonates positively with your audience and increases their propensity to purchase from you.

Our expertise ranges from consumer packaged goods, business to business products and services, memberships, and luxury brands.

From order processing, contract renewals, and marketing campaign support, Superior Contact offers a full array of services to boost your sales efforts.

In Your Voice Omnichannel Care

  • Capture, process and manage orders
  • Cross and up sell
  • Respond to product and order status inquiries
  • Process payments and handle billing inquiries
  • Manage returns and exchanges
  • Flex with direct response campaigns
  • Alert/priority customer response
  • Resolve customer complaints
  • Mobile app support

Specialty Programs

  • Loyalty and retention
  • Contract renewals
  • Warranty management
  • Promotions support
  • Luxury brands and executive services
  • Club benefits support
  • Club application vetting and approval