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In Your Voice Omnichannel Support

In Your Voice Omnichannel Support

A myriad of endless factors influence how your prospects or customers want to speak with – and hear from – you. While sometimes nothing beats having a real, knowledgeable and results focused person assisting you on the phone, we know that evolving technology and changing demographics demonstrate consumers are oftentimes more comfortable with getting the care they need from chat, web self service, and social media platforms. Over the next few years, these channels are only expected to become more prominent.

Engaging on Your Customer’s Terms

Centralizing all interactions in a universal queue, Superior Contact creates ‘stickiness’, engaging consumers where they are, nurturing their experience where it best suits them. In every contact, Superior provides consistent service levels, prompt response, and differentiates your brand’s customer care from all the rest.

Live Anytime

In Your Voice, live answered care that can follow the sun, in over 200 languages, available 24/7/365

Enhanced IVR

Completely automated or blended with live answered care, the applications are infinite


Customized and right from your website, to our trained customer care champion


Get the word out quickly – information blasts, confirmations, promotions

Web Form

Every submission queued and responded to professionally in your brand’s persona


Email doesn’t have to be the new snail mail. We can respond back to customers immediately and in your voice

Click to Call

Turn a frustrated consumer into a satisfied one, with the option to convert a web visit into a live answered interaction


Social media monitoring means that we manage user inquiries, comments, and turn complaints into wins

All transactions can be recorded for quality monitoring, coaching, and metrics, providing the insight to inspect, expect, and drive the best CX.