Questions Pave the Way to Excellence

Our Onboarding & Training

Our Onboarding & Training

From the moment we begin preparing a proposal for you, to when it’s time to onboard your program and prepare training for our agents, we ask a lot of questions. The more information you can provide us about your company’s vision and expectations, the more effective the outcome.

We take a comprehensive approach in understanding the nature of your business, ensuring that collaboratively, we have a road map to deliver absolutely the best service possible to meet and exceed your expectations.


A team lead will be assigned to your account, conducting a thorough inventory of the services that will benefit you, determining routing expectations, and identifying specific detailed requirements for every interaction scenario. We’ll gather your initial training and quality assurance details as well.

A senior manager will project manage your program, working with a team of subject matter experts to translate your requirements into the networking, platforms, routing, and scripting needed; all in your brand voice.


Our training department is glad to work with training materials you provide, and is fully ready to supplement or create them if needed.

First, a training manager will assess if existing training will amply prepare agents for success, based on information gathered in the onboarding inventory. Next, the manager will prepare material to cover any gaps in training documentation. Finally, a full curriculum is prepared with the following in mind:

  • Ensure that all interactions and activities have appropriate treatment
  • Break down any complex interactions into simpler step-by-step processes
  • Address all necessary decision trees
  • Engage learners
  • Impart your brand representation
  • Includes all-encompassing testing and agent certification

Ongoing training is just as important as the initial program launch. As your program evolves, so will our training.