Start Up with Us



Are you in the launching stages of your business venture?  Have clear ideas about the tone and immersive customer experience you want to create?  Superior Contact has the resources to help you execute that vision.

Has your business suddenly taken off and you lack the infrastructure to handle the deluge of people who have questions and want to buy?  You haven’t had the opportunity to really think through all your operations; your priority is taking advantage of the market’s enthusiasm now and getting a little help along the way in documenting your training and processes.

Superior has a track record of assisting all kinds of start-ups, regardless of their growth stage.

We’re successful in:

  • Offering start-ups a professional appearance from Day 1, so their new business appears like a much larger enterprise that can compete with more established companies
  • Alleviating growing pains by providing the customer experience backbone,  without our clients having to hire a lot of staff right away
  • Delivering affordable and scalable services that flex with a young and growing business
  • Giving start-ups operating time to “right size” and optimally build their organizational structure
  • Providing invaluable reporting and responsive feedback to guide tweaks in business plans, products and services to make them more successful
  • Helping our clients “be the first in their space” by matching their innovation with our own

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“They represent our brand well, and I get tons of compliments from customers about our customer care team. Superior is super conscientious, and I’m very satisfied with how well they know and represent our business. I would definitely recommend Superior Contact to fellow entrepreneurs and start-ups.”


– Enrico J., Infomercial client