Elevating Professionals



Specialists of all kinds – engineering and law firms, doctor and medical offices, dentists, realtors, and accountants – trust Superior Contact to reinforce their own professional image.

Having Superior Contact on your team means you’ll always have a competent and reliable resource to engage with a prospect, client, or patient even when you or your staff are busy with other appointments or calls, are out of the office, or simply have your heads down to finish high priority work.  We can also give your marketing a boost by managing campaigns you don’t have time or staff to handle in-house.

Your particular firm, office or specialty has unique needs – we understand that.  Our approach throughout the onboarding process makes certain we address all of  your requirements, capturing the nuances of representing your business.

Customer & Brand Care

  • In Your Voice Omnichannel options
  • Inbound inquiries
  • Schedule management; set and confirm appointments
  • Registration and appointment preparation
  • On-the-call language translation services
  • Virtual Receptionist and priority screening
  • Criteria based routing