Nine Proven Ways To Improve Your Customer Satisfaction Score

nine ways to improve csat score

Nine Proven Ways To Improve Your Customer Satisfaction Score

January 27, 2020 | Darcy Dunham

Understanding the importance of your customers’ experience and satisfaction will make the difference between surviving and thriving.


What is a CSAT? 

CSAT stands for Customer Satisfaction Score and refers to the measurement of a customer’s short-term happiness or expectations. It’s a key performance indicator (KPI) for many businesses today. Usually, CSAT is measured with a 4 to 5 point Likert-scale, with 4 being “satisfied” and 5 being “very satisfied”.  

The Importance of Customer Satisfaction 

No matter if your company is B2C or B2B, every interaction is H2H (human to human). Human to human interaction is often overlooked in the world of business analytics. As a result, customer satisfaction decreases, which impacts more than just your company’s bottom line. 



Improve Your CSAT

These statistics are staggering, but there’s hope! The key to creating a positive long-term relationship with your customers is to have a team dedicated to improving their satisfaction and delivering value time after time. Here are ten things your company can do to deliver value and improve your customer satisfaction score:



  • Make Your Employee’s Satisfaction a Priority 


When your employees are happy, your customers are happy. Studies have shown that employees’ performance increases when they feel appreciated and supported. Providing healthy work environments, recognition systems and open communication will give your employees more pride in their work. With this mindset, your employees will be equipped to handle customers in a pleasant manner.   



  • Empower Your Agents 


Give your agents the power to handle situations on their own. Let’s be honest, no one wants their frustrations escalated to the point where they have to talk to a manager or supervisors; they only want their problem solved. With the proper training and coaching, your agents will feel empowered to solve any problem thrown at them. 



  • Benchmark Your Customer Satisfaction


Even though there are four different types of benchmarking, we suggest using competitive benchmarking. With competitive benchmarking, you are comparing your most successful competitor to your own processes, practices and systems. Leveraging competitive benchmarking to measure your customer service will increase your customer satisfaction scores.    



  • Study Your Customers’ Complaints and Compliments 


The worst thing you could do is to overlook your customers’ feedback. Studying their complaints and compliments will show you the company’s strengths and weaknesses. This vital information can transform your company from good to great. 



  • Figure Out What Your Customers Want


Many businesses tend to focus on the cost of their products rather than the solution their product offers — while their customers’ focus is the exact opposite.  Do a deep dive into your customers’ feedback to figure out what they really want. Find out if your customers want better pricing, a better solution or a simplified process when working with you. We’ll bet that customers are willing to pay more if you offered the right solution to their problem.



  • Provide Omnichannel Support


In today’s market, customers are expecting to interact with companies in more ways than ever. This is great for your business because it allows you to have more opportunities to interact with your customers. Leveraging omnichannel support will ensure that your customers receive the best experience no matter the channel. 



  • Reduce Wait Times


No one likes waiting, so we can understand why longer wait times have a direct connection to the loss of sale opportunity. Even if you’re not “selling” to your customers, timing will make or break your customer experience. A survey reports that customers are willing to wait a maximum of two minutes before ending the conversation. Make the most out of your 120 seconds.



  • Ask for More Feedback 


More is always better in respect to customer feedback. Feedback can motivate your agents, improve company performance and invite customer engagement. The more feedback you have, the more personal your customer’s experience will be.  Asking for feedback is the easiest thing to do — there is a lot to gain and nothing to lose. 



  • The Golden Rule 


Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and ask yourself the following questions: “Does this company listen to my concerns?” “Do they know what I want?” “Am I wasting time waiting for someone to answer the phone or get their supervisor?” Treat your customers the way you want to be treated. 


By leveraging the proven track record of a contact center like Superior Contact, you’re ensuring your customers are receiving the best experience possible. Increase your CSAT score today with Superior Contact. 

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