Moving is hard. Change is harder.

Moving is hard. Change is harder.

February 15, 2017 | kchamberlain

While the renovation for our office expansion has been under way for some time, the past few days have brought new challenges to our bustling contact center life. It is said that “change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end”. I could not agree more…. Especially when facing an office wide renovation.

Here at Superior Contact we have been maintaining as much normalcy as possible throughout this construction process, but on Friday it was announced that the crew was set to “break through the wall on Monday”. It became immediately apparent that the in-house preparations for the next and final phases of our expansion could no longer be ignored.

The orderly contents of our supply closet have suddenly dispersed into every nook and cranny imaginable to make way for a new guest office. Reams of paper, rolls of toilet paper, holiday decorations, and containers of coffee have all been strategically stacked at the end of agent rows or on windowsills. If there was a space with low foot traffic that doesn’t violate any fire codes, it is now a temporary home for boxes or supplies. Even the desks have been condensed away from the walls slated to be constructed or torn down. Our once tidy office is now a hive with everyone and everything concentrated at its center.

We’re all in this together 

As promised, the crew broke through the wall on Monday with this week bringing the construction of the new interior walls. The building continues with the frame of our new office layout taking shape before our eyes, creating an evolving maze of people, desks, and 2X4’s.

Perhaps one of the biggest adjustments to our daily operations was relocating the Admin and IT teams from their large desks set along the office perimeter. In order to avoid being constructed into a new wall, the managers are now set up in more centralized agent cubicles. This sardine-esc existence presents obvious challenges in relation to access to each other and our teams, but when faced with the “mess of change” it is important to remember to embrace the change itself.

How do you embrace change? 

Well, it’s all about perspective. Perhaps more accurately, it’s about keeping things in a positive perspective.

Take the desk moves for example; is it a tough job managing a fast pace contact center on a normal day? Of course it is! Adding in the commotion of a construction crew literally building a wall 2 feet from your desk and it can be hard to stay sane let alone positive. But “keeping things in perspective” doesn’t require disconnect from the reality of drills or a lack of stress about drywall, it means finding other goals to help embrace the change you’re facing. It is about finding ways to adapt and grow within the “mess”, not in spite of it

So instead of stressing about the changes and the temporarily tight quarters, I am encouraging my fellow administrative team members to use this opportunity as a refresher course on what it’s like to be an agent on the floor. Contact Centers have always been a busy place, but being more “in the weeds” with our team is a great place to gain some new perspectives on how to better support them and grow with them. On the flip side, this is a great opportunity for our agents to witness the process and take ownership in the company’s growth and evolution. The opportunity to forge together as a stronger team is the goal to embrace while in this state of change.

Over the next 5 weeks, I will be documenting the construction process and progress. While there are obvious benefits of blogging this renovation for our archives and content series, I’m also hoping to document the changes in our office culture and overall perspectives. I feel that with the chaos of construction come incredible stories of teamwork and collaboration.

It’s an exciting time to be a Superior Contact employee and even in the midst of some messy change, we are mere weeks away from a “gorgeous end”…. Or at the very least, a gorgeous office renovation.

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