4 Proven Ways To Enhance Customer Experience With Social Media

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4 Proven Ways To Enhance Customer Experience With Social Media

March 23, 2020 | Darcy Dunham

Why Social Media?

Studies have shown that 2.96 billion people use social media to share opinions, feedback and conversations about the businesses they interact with. Out of those 2.96 billion conversations, how many are about your business? By incorporating customer experience into social media, you can positively impact brand loyalty and therefore extends lifetime customer value. 


Let’s dive into four key ways to enhance your customer experience with social media.  

1. Listen To Your Customers 

The great thing about social media is that it offers real-time interaction. Use this to your advantage. Are you following industry-relevant conversations? Do you know the popular industry-related hashtags? If not, you’re missing out on hearing your customers, whether they’re singing your praise or dismantling your brand piece by piece. 


By hearing what your customers are talking about, you can put your business ahead of the next tidal wave of backlash as well as show appreciation to loyal customers. There are many tools at your disposal like sproutsocialBrandwatch, Talkwalker and Hootsuite just to name a few. By using these tools, you’re allowing social media to help you figure out your customer’s wants and needs


Your customers are talking, and you need to listen.    

2. Get Personal With Your Customers 

On average, a customer reads about 10 reviews before trusting a local business. Before a customer tries your product or service for themselves, chances are they already have a preconceived idea of your business from 10 different viewpoints. 


So, how can this benefit your business?


It’s simple. Leverage the relationships you created with your current customers. Create personalized blog posts, stories, testimonials and videos focusing around their experience working with your business. This is a great opportunity to not only highlight loyal customers, but to take control of the brand’s narrative and create an emotional connection with potential customers.  


To put this idea into motion, create a compelling testimonial where your customer overcame hardship or obstacles thanks to your product or service. Then use your blog posts to immerse your readers and guide them through the story.  

3. Respond With A Sense Of Urgency 

No one likes to wait — especially not on social media. Studies have shown that 32 percent of customers expect a response within 30 minutes. The same study found that 57 percent of customers expect the same response time at night and on weekends as during regular business hours. Can your business keep up with that demand? 


If not, don’t feel defeated! A BPO provider such as Superior Contact provides complete 24/7 coverage with skilled agents. By leveraging Superior Contact, your business will have the omnichannel services to respond to your customers as they prefer – live agents, automated interactive response, email and web form, chat, and social. 


According to a study done by Lead Connect, 75 percent of customers buy from the company that responds first. Bottom line — when you decrease your response time your revenue will increase. 

4. Have A Dedicated Social Media Team

This list may seem overwhelming, but that’s when a dedicated team comes in. If you’re looking to optimize your social platforms with data analytics, content strategy, content creation and community engagement, then you need a wealth of knowledge. With a team of professional agents supporting your brand, your customers will consistently receive exceptional service.  


Whether you’re an acclaimed company or a brand new business, the first impression your customers have of your business is likely from your social media. Dazzle with your first impression and hire a team that can make the most of it. 


We promise that you won’t regret it. 


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